Why do blog comments matter?

I think blog comments are so important to blogs because they add much needed substance. It gets others involved with what your blog says and can generate conversations. Saying your ideas and thoughts can only go so much in blogging.

I think to write effective blog comments it needs to go more than to just agree or disagree. It helps to add new ideas or questions to keep the conversation going. If the comment is interesting it might influence others to also comment. I think this is what blogging is all about.


-makes a good point of not being a “drive-by-shooter”. You need to engage in conversation and not just say you agree/disagree. It’s helpful to add an alternative point of view, so take the time to think about your comment

Sometimes I think the most successful blogs are controversial and get visitors who strongly disagree to engage in the blog. People like controversy and arguing. For example, a lot of Americans love reality TV shows that mostly show the characters yelling and screaming at each other. I think for some things, drama sells. I think having strong opinions on your blog and also having strong comments in return make the blog enjoyable and thorough.


One thought on “Why do blog comments matter?

  1. I really like the point about being a “drive-by-shooter.” Just as the author should illustrate a sense of credibility, the reader needs to reciprocate that attitude as well with leaving interactive opinions and statements that leave other readers and the author with supportive information.

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