Twitter Experience

Before this assignment I had zero experience with Twitter. My friends have begged for a year for me to start my own account and I refused. My thoughts on getting a Twitter was that It was just another social media website I would check all the time and become too preoccupied with. My friends even made an account for me, which I refused to even log onto. The reason I knew anything about hash tags is because I have used them on Instagram and have seen others use them on Facebook. It is obvious that I am an amateur in the Twitter world. I had no idea where to start or what to even say that people would care to read.

After using Twitter I think it would benefit me professionally to become more comfortable with the site. After discussing Twitter in class I do realize all the benefits it creates for networking.  On a personal level I do not know if I will continue to Tweet. I do not see it being beneficial so I might try to avoid it unless on a professional level. I think it is vital for companies and organizations to have an active Twitter account because it really does keep them connected and spread awareness of their organization.

I was not overly impressed with any Twitterers. I did pay mostly to attention to tweets that had pictures and other links attached. Also, tweets that used some humor or sarcasm held my interest. The news updates provided me with the most information because they would tweet a short blurb that sparked an interest, then I would go to the link to read more on the subject.

I think I will continue to use Twitter on a professional level. I think eventually it is going to be as important as LinkedIn. It is a way to share information and even your strengths in a social environment.

I follow ABC News and they are always tweeting and I found following them to be useful for news and other general information.

While I was looking for reasons why Twitter is useful professionally I stumbled across and interesting link-

Blogs were linked twice to Twitter during the article. Reason #4 to use twitter professionally “Promote your blog posts. I don’t tweet every time I post something, but sometimes if it’s one I’m especially proud of or one I want quick feedback on, I’ll post a tinyurl to it”

Also, listed as the #2 reason “Get questions answered. Say you’re trying to put a plugin in your WordPress blog but it gives you errors. Tell your Twitter friends and someone might be able to help you. Now, you wouldn’t have emailed all those people to ask and you wouldn’t have instant messaged them either… but a broadcast message to those paying attention is a lightweight non-intrusive way to do it”.

I thought it was a nice coincidence they mentioned WordPress blog directly 🙂Image


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