Out of Class Tweet Chat

The tweetchat conversation I participated in was #SportsPRchat. It usually lasts for an hour but was cut a few minutes short due to the presidential debate on Tuesday night. There were around 30 participants. During the signoff of the tweet chat one of the women said there were crickets tonight and not a lot of action. Usually there is more participation and activity.  The chat was run by @AngieTaylorSTL even though the host is @mikeschaffer. The chat started off by Angie asking a question to get the ball rolling. The first topic asked if anyone was watching the US vs. GUA mens soccer game. Next the conversation was geared toward the Red Bull Stratos Jump. Various participants said their thoughts/feelings about the jump and many shared links. A good point was made that 8 million people watched livestream and if not successful it would be a PR nightmare. Then the convo moved to the NHL and proposal of 50-50 split in hockey related revenue. This was linked to PR because some people responded to this move by saying “smells like a PR move.”

There were only a few members of the Tweet Chat who actually participated the whole time. The in class tweet chat had a lot more action. It was exciting when a topic was brought up that I wanted to voice my opinion on.  I actually liked the experience of the out of class twitter chat. I was not aware that there were so many to choose from. It took me a long time to pick one that I wanted to participate in. As soon as I saw the sports related chat I knew that would be my best bet. I think the best asset of tweetchat is that people can be connected from all over the world. It seems from the conversation in #SportsPRchat that many of the members participate weekly. Once I get more assimilated with twitter I think I will  enjoy finding a tweetchat that I participate in weekly or monthly.


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