The ad featured above is the one that stuck out the most to me while browsing 101greatbrochures. There were many brochures that had abstract and creative designs. This one was my favorite because it took an average multi-fold brochure and put a creative spin on it by adding the 3-dimensional boxes in the folds of the brochure. I think it is something that would stick to a consumer because it is definitely not something you see everyday. It reminded me of a children’s pop up book. I think this ad’s designers made the ad fun and interactive.  The ad attracts consumers without using flashy fonts and colors but instead using an imaginative layout.  Personally, the only brochures I will give a second glance at are the ones that are completely unexpected and a little out of the box.  If I were given this brochure I would open it up and immediately be interested in what the brochure is promoting.

I believe the role of brochures in the communication world today is as important as ever. The way we communicate is always evolving in various ways and forms.  The way that brochures have a role in the communication world reminds me of the way social media is constantly evolving. Consumers are so immune to advertising it is important to create new ads and concepts that will stand out and keep consumers involved and interested with the product. If a brochure is something the public sees everyday it will not stand out to anyone.  

While googling different brochure layouts I seem to be attracted to ones that have interesting folds or the ones that do not look like a brochure at first glance.  Brochures are not something that I believed had much influence on the communications world. After our class lecture and researching more about brochures I realize that they are actually very important. Advertising is switching to online but brochures are still an important print form of advertising that can easily persuade a consumer toward a product or service.





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