Memorable Ad

ImageWhen I was told to think about the earliest ad that I remember there was a certain ad that popped into my head immediately. The ad that stands out in my mind is the Coca-cola commercial that featured the polar bears during Christmas time. Every year there were different commercials but they always had the mom polar bear with her baby polar bears. I do not know exactly why these come to mind first. Something about the ad was magical and got me excited for the upcoming holiday season. The polar bears were also featured on packaging and other forms of advertising. I think this ad ties into my memory of Christmas when I was a child. Coca-cola brought together the spirit of Christmas with their product and the whole atmosphere of the advertisements was really special.

When I first saw these advertisements I was too young to purchase coke myself. Although, growing up my family always bought Coca-Cola over Pepsi products. Ironically, as I sit and write this blog post there is a can of coke currently on my desk.

Maybe the ads that I remember do influence my purchase decisions subconsciously even today. If that concept is true then its an example of how ads have the power to persuade for a long period of time even if the consumer has no idea it is happening. Even today when I think of Christmas commercials or advertisements, only two ads pop into my head. The two ads are the Coca-Cola and M&M Christmas commercials. Both companies have ad campaigns throughout the entire year.

As I reflect back I feel that coke always has special holiday inspired ad campaigns. Somehow the ad creators make coke apart of the Christmas cheer and holiday excitement. I found an awesome website that shows Coca-Cola’s relationship with the holiday season. I think that it is very important for ads to have an emotional effect on the consumer.

I am not the only consumer affected by the Coca-Cola holiday commercials.  The top 10 Christmas TV ads of all time (according to hubpages) listed “Holidays are Coming ” by Coca-Cola as number 1 on the list.



2 thoughts on “Memorable Ad

  1. Kelly,
    I also loved those Coca-Cola commercials with the polar bear! When I was younger I would tell my mom that I wanted a polar bear for Christmas because of how much I loved those commercials.

    I agree that the Coca-Cola Company did a very good job at tying in the Christmas spirit with their brand. Like you said, by using the polar bear and the baby bears, they definitely appealed emotionally to many of their viewers.

    I also agree with your statement about these commercials subconsciously influencing you purchases today. When I was younger, I loved the Pillsbury commercials with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I thought he was the cutest little character. With that said, today I find myself buying Pillsbury products over Nestle Toll House or other similar brands.


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