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As a senior graduating in the spring the continuous job search is as stressful as ever. While choosing comm as my major I felt that it would leave me with many career path after graduation. I still feel this way but now it is time to pick one that I will actually enjoy. Do I want to do PR? or event planning? or marketing? Or will my path depend on job offers or other factors? It is now time to start worrying about all of these things. I can’t believe four years has already passed and I am now on the verge of starting a professional life.

I found an interesting list of “top jobs” for comm majors. Number one was Public Relation Specialist.  That is a good sign because it is definitely a career path I would enjoy. BUT there is also the question of what companies to apply to? I feel that especially in Columbus there are hundreds of places that are looking to hire graduates, especially from OSU. has a list of best places to work for new graduates. This list is interesting to me although only one or possibly two of the places would apply to me. Ironically enough the two companies employing communication majors are the smallest in size on the list.

I think one of the keys to applying to jobs is to really think about what career I would enjoy. It is not easy to make such a big decision right now.

Fox business had an interesting article that discussed “its all about who you know“. It said that the first step in establishing a network is to identify what connections are important to you and your career. The article also suggests to start early, stay in touch and to network online. I always heard that while applying for jobs networking is key, but I did not believe it until now. I am finding that my previous employers are more than willing to help me get my foot in the door. It really makes you realize that every previous job matters, especially when those people have various connections to other companies.

An interesting website, Corn on the job, also gives some interesting tips.  Number one on their list for post graduation job search is to use Linkedin. I started using Linkedin more and more this year and wish that I would have done this earlier.  Other things on the list include to visit your school career center, focus your job search and to practice interviewing.  One of the tips that stood out to me was to set up a professional voicemail on your phone. Currently I do not have a voicemail because it annoys me but it seems that now is the time to fix that! Another great point the article makes is to not get jealous when your friends are finding jobs.  “Don’t take this to heart, focus on yourself.” I think this is very important. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged or aggravated but I think it is important to keep your goals in sight and to continue applying for positions.


One thought on “Job Search

  1. It is crazy to think that we are at this point in life where we have to figure out what we want to have a career in. I felt like I could really relate to this article and the decisions of having to decide on path. Your additional links in this piece are very helpful and actually left me with some valuable advice. There truly are so many factors and its hard to find that balance between wether or not you chose those factors or let those factors chose you. Your last piece is so compelling and should be remembered by everyone who reads this post. “Judging others may be way easier than judging yourself. But, way less productive.” Thanks for sharing.

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