My Blogging Experience

Before this semester I did not really understand the importance of blogging. I never knew that some people can make their careers out of being a blogger or in some cases start their careers by blogging. I think now that I understand more of what blogging is about I will be a better blogger in the future. As the semester went further and further thinking of blog ideas became easier and easier. At first I was relying solely on the blog prompts to get me through. I struggled  to come up with ideas that people would even care to read. I think while I was reading my peers’ blogs it was easy to tell who has previously blogged.

According to professional blogger, Rachelle Gardner, the most important thing is to make the blog about the reader. She talked about how she received over 500 comments on a single post and the reason was because the post:

1) The post gave helpful information, but most importantly, it was about the reader — not about me.

2) The post encouraged readers to interact with one another in the comments.

She also said it is very important to engage with the reader by asking questions and by encouraging interaction between readers.

I think it would have been easier for me to have had a more targeted blog. I left my blog to be about anything that relates to communications. In reality, that could be absolutely anything. I think that is one reason I was not sure on what exactly to write. I think that good blogging comes with practice. Another thing I learned in the blogging experience is that it is best to blog when the experience or feelings are fresh. It was easier to type about something that was happening in my life at that time instead of going back later and trying to remember exactly what I wanted to say.

Overall, I will use my blogging experience in this class to make me a better overall blogger. I was looking back at my first few posts and at that point I did not even know how to title a link within my post. I simply would just copy and paste the link into my writing. This made reading my blog very chopping and it was not smooth at all.

Like I said earlier, practice makes perfect. I still have a long way to go but I did learn a lot along the way.


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