My Blogging Experience

Before this semester I did not really understand the importance of blogging. I never knew that some people can make their careers out of being a blogger or in some cases start their careers by blogging. I think now that I understand more of what blogging is about I will be a better blogger in the future. As the semester went further and further thinking of blog ideas became easier and easier. At first I was relying solely on the blog prompts to get me through. I struggled  to come up with ideas that people would even care to read. I think while I was reading my peers’ blogs it was easy to tell who has previously blogged.

According to professional blogger, Rachelle Gardner, the most important thing is to make the blog about the reader. She talked about how she received over 500 comments on a single post and the reason was because the post:

1) The post gave helpful information, but most importantly, it was about the reader — not about me.

2) The post encouraged readers to interact with one another in the comments.

She also said it is very important to engage with the reader by asking questions and by encouraging interaction between readers.

I think it would have been easier for me to have had a more targeted blog. I left my blog to be about anything that relates to communications. In reality, that could be absolutely anything. I think that is one reason I was not sure on what exactly to write. I think that good blogging comes with practice. Another thing I learned in the blogging experience is that it is best to blog when the experience or feelings are fresh. It was easier to type about something that was happening in my life at that time instead of going back later and trying to remember exactly what I wanted to say.

Overall, I will use my blogging experience in this class to make me a better overall blogger. I was looking back at my first few posts and at that point I did not even know how to title a link within my post. I simply would just copy and paste the link into my writing. This made reading my blog very chopping and it was not smooth at all.

Like I said earlier, practice makes perfect. I still have a long way to go but I did learn a lot along the way.


Job Search

As a senior graduating in the spring the continuous job search is as stressful as ever. While choosing comm as my major I felt that it would leave me with many career path after graduation. I still feel this way but now it is time to pick one that I will actually enjoy. Do I want to do PR? or event planning? or marketing? Or will my path depend on job offers or other factors? It is now time to start worrying about all of these things. I can’t believe four years has already passed and I am now on the verge of starting a professional life.

I found an interesting list of “top jobs” for comm majors. Number one was Public Relation Specialist.  That is a good sign because it is definitely a career path I would enjoy. BUT there is also the question of what companies to apply to? I feel that especially in Columbus there are hundreds of places that are looking to hire graduates, especially from OSU. has a list of best places to work for new graduates. This list is interesting to me although only one or possibly two of the places would apply to me. Ironically enough the two companies employing communication majors are the smallest in size on the list.

I think one of the keys to applying to jobs is to really think about what career I would enjoy. It is not easy to make such a big decision right now.

Fox business had an interesting article that discussed “its all about who you know“. It said that the first step in establishing a network is to identify what connections are important to you and your career. The article also suggests to start early, stay in touch and to network online. I always heard that while applying for jobs networking is key, but I did not believe it until now. I am finding that my previous employers are more than willing to help me get my foot in the door. It really makes you realize that every previous job matters, especially when those people have various connections to other companies.

An interesting website, Corn on the job, also gives some interesting tips.  Number one on their list for post graduation job search is to use Linkedin. I started using Linkedin more and more this year and wish that I would have done this earlier.  Other things on the list include to visit your school career center, focus your job search and to practice interviewing.  One of the tips that stood out to me was to set up a professional voicemail on your phone. Currently I do not have a voicemail because it annoys me but it seems that now is the time to fix that! Another great point the article makes is to not get jealous when your friends are finding jobs.  “Don’t take this to heart, focus on yourself.” I think this is very important. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged or aggravated but I think it is important to keep your goals in sight and to continue applying for positions.

Live-tweeting an Event

My live-tweeting an event went surprisingly well. I attended the women’s basketball game on Wednesday, November 14 at 8pm. The buckeyes had a huge victory over Cincinnati. I like to watch and go to basketball games so it did not even seem like an assignment. It was easy for me to log onto twitter periodically and make a tweet about what I was watching. The thought came to me how impossible this would be without a smart phone. I feel like in this day and age people are expected to do everything at the drop of a hat. It is assumed we have smart phones that allow us to do anything and everything via the Internet. I felt better about live-tweeting an event than I did about the in-class twitter assignment. I felt with a live speaker it came off as a little rude and as if none of the class was listening. Tweeting a live-event was less awkward, especially due to the fact there were thousands of people all around me.  I think it works best at an event where it is highly populated and a lot of action is going on. It was very loud during the game so I was not distracting anyone while I was tweeting. I think in an event with less people, no activity and no noise it would have the potential to be get uncomfortable. At times throughout the game I would get lost in watching and forget that I needed to tweet. I noticed with my tweets in the first half I was much more active than in the second half. I think the deeper into the game I just forgot to make updates. I found that there were many people who were also making tweet sporadically during the game.  I received an email a few hours after the game ended saying that one of the players favorited my tweet. That was pretty cool and it made me feel good that she saw my shout out to her.

The tweet was “@Miss_Nubie4 is tearing it up. 1,400 career points, not too bad #B1Gwbb”

@Miss_Nubie 4 is Tayler Hill, a#4 senior point guard from Minneapolis. She is one of the buckeye’s key players and it was awesome that she favorited one of my tweets.

The @OhioState_wbb did an excellent job updating their twitter feed during the game. I’m glad that I follow them now so I can get updates even when I cannot physically watch the game or even be home to watch it on TV. I have a feeling they delegate a certain person to tweet during the whole game. They had stats and information that would be useful to any fan.

Overall, I did enjoy my assignment for live-tweeting an event. I feel like it is something that many of us do without even realizing it. I think I did tweet more than I would have normally during an event, keeping in mind that it was for a graded assignment. I think it was nice practice for real world application.


Memorable Ad

ImageWhen I was told to think about the earliest ad that I remember there was a certain ad that popped into my head immediately. The ad that stands out in my mind is the Coca-cola commercial that featured the polar bears during Christmas time. Every year there were different commercials but they always had the mom polar bear with her baby polar bears. I do not know exactly why these come to mind first. Something about the ad was magical and got me excited for the upcoming holiday season. The polar bears were also featured on packaging and other forms of advertising. I think this ad ties into my memory of Christmas when I was a child. Coca-cola brought together the spirit of Christmas with their product and the whole atmosphere of the advertisements was really special.

When I first saw these advertisements I was too young to purchase coke myself. Although, growing up my family always bought Coca-Cola over Pepsi products. Ironically, as I sit and write this blog post there is a can of coke currently on my desk.

Maybe the ads that I remember do influence my purchase decisions subconsciously even today. If that concept is true then its an example of how ads have the power to persuade for a long period of time even if the consumer has no idea it is happening. Even today when I think of Christmas commercials or advertisements, only two ads pop into my head. The two ads are the Coca-Cola and M&M Christmas commercials. Both companies have ad campaigns throughout the entire year.

As I reflect back I feel that coke always has special holiday inspired ad campaigns. Somehow the ad creators make coke apart of the Christmas cheer and holiday excitement. I found an awesome website that shows Coca-Cola’s relationship with the holiday season. I think that it is very important for ads to have an emotional effect on the consumer.

I am not the only consumer affected by the Coca-Cola holiday commercials.  The top 10 Christmas TV ads of all time (according to hubpages) listed “Holidays are Coming ” by Coca-Cola as number 1 on the list.





The ad featured above is the one that stuck out the most to me while browsing 101greatbrochures. There were many brochures that had abstract and creative designs. This one was my favorite because it took an average multi-fold brochure and put a creative spin on it by adding the 3-dimensional boxes in the folds of the brochure. I think it is something that would stick to a consumer because it is definitely not something you see everyday. It reminded me of a children’s pop up book. I think this ad’s designers made the ad fun and interactive.  The ad attracts consumers without using flashy fonts and colors but instead using an imaginative layout.  Personally, the only brochures I will give a second glance at are the ones that are completely unexpected and a little out of the box.  If I were given this brochure I would open it up and immediately be interested in what the brochure is promoting.

I believe the role of brochures in the communication world today is as important as ever. The way we communicate is always evolving in various ways and forms.  The way that brochures have a role in the communication world reminds me of the way social media is constantly evolving. Consumers are so immune to advertising it is important to create new ads and concepts that will stand out and keep consumers involved and interested with the product. If a brochure is something the public sees everyday it will not stand out to anyone.  

While googling different brochure layouts I seem to be attracted to ones that have interesting folds or the ones that do not look like a brochure at first glance.  Brochures are not something that I believed had much influence on the communications world. After our class lecture and researching more about brochures I realize that they are actually very important. Advertising is switching to online but brochures are still an important print form of advertising that can easily persuade a consumer toward a product or service.




Out of Class Tweet Chat

The tweetchat conversation I participated in was #SportsPRchat. It usually lasts for an hour but was cut a few minutes short due to the presidential debate on Tuesday night. There were around 30 participants. During the signoff of the tweet chat one of the women said there were crickets tonight and not a lot of action. Usually there is more participation and activity.  The chat was run by @AngieTaylorSTL even though the host is @mikeschaffer. The chat started off by Angie asking a question to get the ball rolling. The first topic asked if anyone was watching the US vs. GUA mens soccer game. Next the conversation was geared toward the Red Bull Stratos Jump. Various participants said their thoughts/feelings about the jump and many shared links. A good point was made that 8 million people watched livestream and if not successful it would be a PR nightmare. Then the convo moved to the NHL and proposal of 50-50 split in hockey related revenue. This was linked to PR because some people responded to this move by saying “smells like a PR move.”

There were only a few members of the Tweet Chat who actually participated the whole time. The in class tweet chat had a lot more action. It was exciting when a topic was brought up that I wanted to voice my opinion on.  I actually liked the experience of the out of class twitter chat. I was not aware that there were so many to choose from. It took me a long time to pick one that I wanted to participate in. As soon as I saw the sports related chat I knew that would be my best bet. I think the best asset of tweetchat is that people can be connected from all over the world. It seems from the conversation in #SportsPRchat that many of the members participate weekly. Once I get more assimilated with twitter I think I will  enjoy finding a tweetchat that I participate in weekly or monthly.

Most Anticipated Shows of Fall 2012

Lately, besides Buckeye football, there seems to be one thing that has me really excited every week. That is the season premieres of Fall 2012 shows. There are a few shows that I was sad to see end last season (even if it just was for a couple months). These shows were Glee, American Horror Story and Revenge. Knowing how excited I was for these shows to return I was curious to see what everyone else was excited for.

Showtime created a list of the top 25 most anticipated shows. Surprisingly, Dexter was number 25. As I was reading through the list the first few I had never really heard of. I was really just looking to see where my favorite shows would fall.

Revenge made it to number 19 (should have been number one in my opinion). The series premiere was tonight shown on ABC. 

I was pretty disappointed in the rest of the list, mostly because Glee did not make it. Then I got to number 1, AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I am happy that the rest of America is as pumped as I am for the premiere. Unfortunately, everyone must wait until October 17th. 

“Just when you thought American Horror Story co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk couldn’t get any crazier, they go and announce exactly what the second season, subtitled Asylum, is all about: In a nutshell, the walls of the show’s new setting, the Briarcliff mental institution in the 1960s, house not only loons but also a (possible) madNazi doctor, a serial killer named Bloody Face who wears victims’ flesh as a mask, mutated ghouls, and, for the hell of it, aliens. That’s certainly a far cry from a perverted ghost clad in all-black latex.

Halloween is my favorite holiday so October is always a great month, but now with American Horror Story premiering the 17th, this October will be awesome. American Horror Story was the winner of best horror in 2011, so I am expecting 2012 to be even better.


Reading “The Everywhereist” Blog

I was searching for a new blog prompt that caught my attention and for one that I would be inspired to write about. I had an idea of googling the top blogs of 2011. I personally do not religiously follow and specific blog. Time Specials put out the list of 25 best blogs of 2011. I clicked the first blog and it sent me to Everywhereist. After scrolling down I figured out that the blog had a little bit of everything. After reading a few posts I really liked the tone of voice the author, Geraldine. She writes in her blog as if she is talking to a friend. Her tone is sarcastic, she uses pictures and her posts are hilarious. After reading more I wanted to know how/why she would start blogging.

“Yes, it’s a travel blog. But at its core, it’s a love letter to my husband. A big, log, cuss-filled love letter. The kind he’s appreciate. The only kind I’m able to write.”

After being laid off Geraldine started traveling the world with her husband while he was working his job. Her blog for remembering where they have been around the world and remember the things they saw.

This blog is hilarious and is the first blog I have been to that I want to start reading daily.

There is a huge list of her mentions and accomplishments. The list includes Forbes and Time Magazine. Here is the list of all the awesome acknowledgments she has had. Scroll down to the bottom.

This blog has everything. One entry I really liked was about the NFL and the referee problems that have been happening lately. If you love the NFL and want a good laugh, here it is. My favorite line she wrote was “There are four quarters in regulation football game, and not five. I know that gets confusing. Just think of a dollar. You know how there are four quarters in a dollar? It’s like that.”

Also “Prior to a game, it is not advisable to rub your hands together and say to your fellow refs, “Well, gentleman, care to make this interesting?”

She also compares Eli Manning to a Muppet. Saying that Junior Gorg is not an acceptable nickname for Eli. Hilarious


Twitter Experience

Before this assignment I had zero experience with Twitter. My friends have begged for a year for me to start my own account and I refused. My thoughts on getting a Twitter was that It was just another social media website I would check all the time and become too preoccupied with. My friends even made an account for me, which I refused to even log onto. The reason I knew anything about hash tags is because I have used them on Instagram and have seen others use them on Facebook. It is obvious that I am an amateur in the Twitter world. I had no idea where to start or what to even say that people would care to read.

After using Twitter I think it would benefit me professionally to become more comfortable with the site. After discussing Twitter in class I do realize all the benefits it creates for networking.  On a personal level I do not know if I will continue to Tweet. I do not see it being beneficial so I might try to avoid it unless on a professional level. I think it is vital for companies and organizations to have an active Twitter account because it really does keep them connected and spread awareness of their organization.

I was not overly impressed with any Twitterers. I did pay mostly to attention to tweets that had pictures and other links attached. Also, tweets that used some humor or sarcasm held my interest. The news updates provided me with the most information because they would tweet a short blurb that sparked an interest, then I would go to the link to read more on the subject.

I think I will continue to use Twitter on a professional level. I think eventually it is going to be as important as LinkedIn. It is a way to share information and even your strengths in a social environment.

I follow ABC News and they are always tweeting and I found following them to be useful for news and other general information.

While I was looking for reasons why Twitter is useful professionally I stumbled across and interesting link-

Blogs were linked twice to Twitter during the article. Reason #4 to use twitter professionally “Promote your blog posts. I don’t tweet every time I post something, but sometimes if it’s one I’m especially proud of or one I want quick feedback on, I’ll post a tinyurl to it”

Also, listed as the #2 reason “Get questions answered. Say you’re trying to put a plugin in your WordPress blog but it gives you errors. Tell your Twitter friends and someone might be able to help you. Now, you wouldn’t have emailed all those people to ask and you wouldn’t have instant messaged them either… but a broadcast message to those paying attention is a lightweight non-intrusive way to do it”.

I thought it was a nice coincidence they mentioned WordPress blog directly 🙂Image

Why do blog comments matter?

I think blog comments are so important to blogs because they add much needed substance. It gets others involved with what your blog says and can generate conversations. Saying your ideas and thoughts can only go so much in blogging.

I think to write effective blog comments it needs to go more than to just agree or disagree. It helps to add new ideas or questions to keep the conversation going. If the comment is interesting it might influence others to also comment. I think this is what blogging is all about.

-makes a good point of not being a “drive-by-shooter”. You need to engage in conversation and not just say you agree/disagree. It’s helpful to add an alternative point of view, so take the time to think about your comment

Sometimes I think the most successful blogs are controversial and get visitors who strongly disagree to engage in the blog. People like controversy and arguing. For example, a lot of Americans love reality TV shows that mostly show the characters yelling and screaming at each other. I think for some things, drama sells. I think having strong opinions on your blog and also having strong comments in return make the blog enjoyable and thorough.