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Lisa, I agree with your post about it being important to set up a standard for all media writing. I feel like by eliminating the grey area and getting everyone on the same page it really helps writing organization. It took me awhile to get used to the little tricks of AP style and I have not even begun to master it completely. I think the more you use it, the better you get.

2.) September 25, 2012

Comment on other student’s post about Twitter

Steph-I read your entry regarding Twitter, Facebook, myspace and I completely agree with what you said about not being able to stay in the loop. I feel like I finally get used to a social media site and all of a sudden no one likes or uses that site any longer. I did not join the Twitter craze but I do like Instagram! I think my feelings toward Twitter are similar to your feelings about pinterest. Although, I think on a professional level it is important to get familiar with Twitter. 

3.) September 28, 2012

Comment on other student’s post about Twitter

Kevin-While I was reading your post the line you said that finding good hashtags to use is a big issue, stuck out to me. I did not have a Twitter account before this class and I think that is the thing I have the most trouble with. Sometimes I add a hashtag because I think my tweet is empty without one at the end. I realize that it does not add value to my tweets and after the week of tweets it is apparent I was adding random hashtags for no reason. I think tweeting gets better and easier with experience. Also, reading others tweets and looking at hashtags helps to make the user comfortable with Twitter

4.) September 30, 2012

Comment on other student’s blog about bumper stickers

Nicole-I really liked how you blogged about bumper stickers-something that I do not always think about-but they are also around all the time. It doesn’t surprise me that “Anti bumper stickers” made the list. I seem to always end up reading these on cars and think “why even put on a bumper sticker to make fun of all the other bumper stickers?” I laughed when I read about the girly bumper stickers such as Hello Kitty. It seems like a lot of the time if I see a bumper sticker like that when I look into the car, sure enough they a matching Hello Kitty steering wheel cover and seat covers.


Stephanie-I felt the same way about general tweeting. I never really got into tweeting personally so I find it difficult to know exactly what to say. We also have similar views on the live tweeting. Since my setting was basically the opposite of yours we had very different experiences. My live event was the women’s basketball game and like you mentioned in your post I think it did create awareness of the event and could also draw a larger audience. No one even noticed I had my phone out during the game because everyone else had theirs out also.

6.)Kenneth- I really enjoyed reading this post. I had no idea that Twinkies were not being sold. In regards to your comment about Twinkies being $75 dollars on Ebay, I think it is pretty funny. I bet many of the people who will purchase Twinkies at this price probably did not even buy a Twinkie at their last grocery store visit. People always seem to want what they can’t have, although I can imagine some people being absolutely panicked for no reason about a simple snack.

7.)Trey-I am surprised that this advertisement did not stick out in my head when I wrote my blog post regarding advertising. I remember this commercial being played at least once a day. I can see how this campaign boosted sales for Dell because it was catchy and memorable. I don’t remember the main character, Steven, as much as I remember the general message of the commercials. I think if Dell had another successful campaign such as this one, more people in our age range would have bought Dells entering college. I feel that many of our classmates bought Mac books as freshman entering school.

8.) Nicole-In your blog there were many statistics I was very surprised by. “The average woman waits at least two-and-a-half months in a relationship before revealing her face without the mask”- this was one that really stood out to me. I cannot even begin to imagine feeling such a deep need for makeup as many Americans seem to feel. Sometimes I honestly just forget to even put makeup one and my day is not affected whatsoever. I feel like media has a large part of making women feel this way but the media is not all to blame. I agree that it is sad that many women feel this need and feel so insecure without hiding under makeup.

9.Casey- I completely agree with your opinion on why people feel to need to say their political feelings on social media if they are not even going to vote. As you said the country’s voter turnout is only 60%. What bothers me is the social media posts that bash the other views and candidate. I understand everyone has their own opinions but it is not helping anyone to post rude, offensive and degrading comments about the competition. I agree with your statements that every one should use their right to vote and to view it as the privilege it is. I do not really understand why an individual would not care as much as to voice their opinion through voting.

10.) This post was very entertaining. I agree with many of your commandments of communication. I hate to admit but I am a culprit of #5. Sometimes when I get excited about something it seems I am talking more with my hands than with my mouth. BUT number 6 is my number one pet peeve. I hate when I am talking to someone (especially about something important) and they do not even look me in the eye. It is rude and makes me want to walk away immediately. While reading the different things listed, in my head I said always found myself saying “I hate that too!!!!”



Hi my name is Kelly Madigan. Welcome to my newest blog! I am a senior, Strategic Communications major with a minor in marketing. In the future I see myself using my communications major for a career in marketing. In the past I have held an intern position at the Grove City Chamber of Commerce, doing mostly marketing and writing. I realized that I enjoy doing hands-on work and want a job that I will be actively doing work throughout the day. Currently I have an internship with IMG Ohio State Sports Marketing. I have always had a passion for sports and eventually want to stay in the sports industry. I love my internship so far and I think this is the direction I want my career to go in. The reason I chose Strategic Communication as my major was because I felt that after graduation I would have many more career options. During my first couple of years at Ohio State I was not sure what my career interests were and was very confused on what major to pursue. I enjoy being a communications major at Ohio State because I feel the program does an excellent job showcasing many career opportunities and many aspects involved with communication. I have additional interests in public relations, event planning and also advertising.